Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Off to see 'Tony Bush'

Hello again,

First I must apologise for my lack of contact this year, but with the pressure of the many court cases I have endured recently, (more about the other case of no car insurance later) of which the first of them for this year was held on Valentines Day, a good sign!!! At least that it was I thought. A couple more dates were set in order to set the final, showdown date of...... Well remembering that luck is on my side.......11th September 2006, wow, amazing, how lucky am I now.

I have also been very unwell, due to negligence on the behalf of my housing association, (all about that in another post) I was very ill for The Christmas period right up untill March.

I thought I would let you see a cartoon made by a friend of mine, the only drawback is that the web-address for my holding page is http://www.grandma-eats-cannabis.com/ ,when I am fighting fit again, like in the cartoon, I will soon be putting extracts from my book on the web for you to read.

Secondly, I am now in London and am preparing for today's medical cannabis day. There is a fantastic agenda for the day, which sees myself and a handful of other medical cannabis users arriving at Parliament Square from around 10 a.m. right through till 5 p.m. where we will be demonstrating on the pavement opposite Westminster. We have a very important appointment at 1 p.m. to go to 10 Downing Street to hand in a petition. Back over to the Square untill 3 p.m. when we are inside The House of Commons (room 18) for a press conference to be chaired by Paul Flynn M.P. and Andy Cornwell 'The Cannabis Education Trust' who I must add has fought through illness to make today go ahead.

I must go to sleep now for it is going to be a long day for us all, I promise I will give a full report of the day soon.

As you can see, it was a long tiring journey down.

Goodnight and Take care

Sunday, February 26, 2006

The "Police" State in Hexham is alive & kicking.

Thanks to Tony Blair and his "Police State" we can now all go out and get drunk 24 hours a day - probably because M.P's and Policemen love their Alcohol, and I would like to remind everyone that Alcohol "Kills" more people per year, through Drunken driving and Liver disease, than any drug, even, Cocaine and Heroin, and they both kill thousands, and are the cause of breaking up families. You know, I am really glad I personally do not like alcohol, albeit because I had a father who was an alcoholic.
Now to the "Police State" - it is sad, that Mr Blair will only be remembered for the last 7 years of his reign, and all the harm he has caused. Even encouaging gambling in this country to the extent it has risen to.....it Beggers belief
I remember when he came into power and stated that M.P's would not be getting a rise in Salary that year, but he soon put them on the highest salaries imaginable, and with more holidays than ever before, plus of course he changed the Law as well.
Last week a man received 12 weeks in prison for killing a little girl of three, and in 2004, during the month I was raided by the police and informed by them that I could get 14 years in prison for what they imagined I was doing with Cannabis, a young man in his thirties, up here in the North, knocked down an old man of 82 and left him dying in the road, then he drove his car further along the road and crashed it into a tree. Well he received 5 months in prison for killing the man - (he was a grandfather and father, with a large range of friends and family who were shocked and grieving, even to this day) Then, for crashing into the tree, he received 13 months.....No-one of course is grieving for the tree - are they.....And this is democracy...What a lie........
I dare not suggest that Mr Blair is "Thick" - but he is definately insensitive if he thinks the public admire him for allowing a tree to be more important than the life of an elderly gentleman.........There is no way on God's earth he should be leading this country if he cannot get his priorities right. But think of that poor little 3 year old girl who was only worth a 3 months in prison.....She had her whole life ahead of her.
But, back to the new issue.
Last October, I was stopped by a policeman and given a producer. He informed me that I had no insurance on my car, but I told him, that after I was given the car in Weymouth, I had telephoned my insurance man, and so imagine my surprise when over 4 months later I receive a collection of documents to state that I must appear at the magistrates court regarding the producer.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How to cope with the Bill !!!!!

The "Infamous" Hexham Police Station

A few weeks ago I was on the telephone looking out of my lounge window, when I noticed a fat, black haired man taking photographs of the front and backs of all the cars in the cul-de-sac. Well, his shape and attitude was that of a typical member of staff of Northumbria Police Force. 2 days later at 9.am I was followed by a police car, which was hiding around the corner at the top of the street.
I immediately found a piece of paper to write down his number as he approached the car, as he was writing a producer to give me - telling me my car was not insured. The following letter is the result of what and how it all happened, and just bear one thing in mind.
The Police make more mistakes accidently and deliberatly, than any other area of the workplace, there is always a solution........This was mine........

From the Desk of:-

Mrs. Patricia Tabram
15, East Lea, Humshaugh. Northumberland N.E.46 4BU
Telephone: - 01434 681 803

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a personal statement with reference to producer Number 726164.

I have already produced a valid MOT certificate, but in this instance I will not be able to produce an insurance document, owing to negligence on behalf of my Insurance Broker.

Following a Bus Journey from Newcastle to London, for a three day stay, then another Bus Journey from London to Weymouth in Dorset for 4 days, I was given a car on Sunday 2nd October, because I had to go to Norwich for 3 days, then back home. I telephoned my Insurance Broker the following morning, explained the situation and asked if I could be insured on this car. All details of the car were passed via the telephone, to him directly from the MOT certificate.

I was subsequently stopped on the 21st October 2005 at 9.15am, when the policeman who stopped me, PC Conway No.793, informed me that I had no Insurance.

Upon this I then contacted the Insurancecompany, to ask if I could arrange a time to come down and collect my Insurance Certificates and head to the Police Station. It wasn’t until I was informed by the female assistant at the window in the police station that the document did not cover me, that I became aware that I did not have any valid insurance.

I then returned back to the Insurance Company in search of the aforementioned certificate, when I was then informed that I was not insured and that I had only been insured for a short period on an emergency insurance, but there was still no certificate to prove that.

I was informed that it may well have been a misunderstanding (not very good for me, when I already have one charge pending)

Subsequently my son Colin has also been down to Colin Hoe Insurance in search of this phantom document, and again, no joy, and it seems to be all down to a possible misunderstanding.

The problem is, what could be taken as a mistake or a misunderstanding, is actually going to land me right in it. I have one question to ask at this point. I already have two cars and they both have valid insurance certificates, so what would I have benefited from not wanting to insure myself for this third car.

I can honestly say that even when PC Conway informed me I had no insurance, I was confident that he was wrong, because I remembered ringing up the Insurance company, prior to leaving Weymouth.

The car in question has subsequently been sold, and I can assure you that I am fully insured on my other two cars.

My son was informed at the police station on the 27th October that failure to produce the document could prompt an investigation from PC Conway or A.N.Other. I would ask, at this time, that there could be an investigation, as my efforts have been exhausted in attempting to see that justice is done.

Yours truly,

Patricia Tabram.

I then was advised by a Solicitor to have a telephone conversation with the Insurance man, which was to be recorded from my home, on a loudspeaker telephone, which happened to be a mobile.

Ps. I have noticed a couple of mistakes which were handwritten on the producer by PC Conway.

Hulshaucnt, Hexhal. -Instead of Humshaugh Hexham.
If this address was needed for correspondence by post, then it would probably never get to me – due to two police errors, making the producer Invalid.

Manual/Automatic. –This tick box has been marked “Yes” for manual, and it is in fact an Automatic. – this in my opinion, now means that the producer does not apply to my car rendering it invalid due to another police error.

I also have in my possession a tape recording of a conversation that took place at 16.00 hours today, the 27th October 2005, between myself and the Insurance man, during which he states

1. Although my name was spoken quite clearly by the other Insurance Broker, it was obvious that upon hearing it – my Insurance man misunderstood what was said, and made a mistake.
2. His next referral was “unless I have completely misunderstood you”.
3. The following statement was “It’s been the Translation Pat, because I thought…
4. At no point did he tell me I could “only drive it, if it belonged to someone else”
5. I didn’t ask for “Comprehensive Insurance on the Fiat, I simply asked for the car I had just been given, to be insured.

The tape stops after 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

How to handle "The Bill"........

Had a very bad experience a few weeks ago, before I went down to the Home Office Conference. I was on the telephone on the Wednesday, and noticed a fat dark haired man, photographing the front and backs of all the cars in the cul-de-sac.
He had the traditional "beer belly pot" associated with the police force and that is immediately what went through my mind.
Now remember, the previous week I had been down in Weymouth talking to people in the world of Cannabis, but had had to travel down by bus, because the engine had gone on my car, and when I went to Weymouth I was kindly given a car by one of the members and told to keep it.
I immediately phoned my insurance company in Hexham and asked them to insure it, so I could drive it the next day, in order to come back up home.
Well, two days after I saw the photographer in the street, - yes, you've guessed it - I drove out of the street at 9 oclock in the morning, only to be followed by a police car - remember - in Hexham, the police follow me more than anyone else, it seems to be their hobby, or its because I am this wonderful little old lady they would like to destroy and get into prison - Northumberland police are so ambitious.
Anyhow, he stopped me and asked if this was my car, so I immediately looked at my watch, got a piece of paper out of my bag, and noted his number - to be honest, they make me want to throw up when I see them, but as my mother always said, you catch more bees with sugar than you do with salt - thus, I am always "nice" to them.
I was then given a producer which was extremely badly written, so Colin my son, did some detective work, and went out to buy the latest small portable tape recording device - very 21st Century and we set up a telephone conversation.
I knew I had the policeman, but I had to speak to the Insurance man, who had not insured the car fully comprehensive, therefore making the car - void of insurance, so after an hour of practicing I made the conversation and recorded it for posterity.

Our Inefficient Police Force - "Again" -

Yes, I have suffered at the hands of the police, and do have some funny stories about the classic mistakes they make, as well as their illegal practices, but for the moment I will concentrate on their mistakes.
A friend who lives in another village to myself, in Northumberland, was visited one day by the police saying they wanted to search the gardens and sheds on this estate, so she duly let them in.
Of course, what she forgot was that on the wooden step on the inside of her patio doors, she had approximately 6 large pots with 6 x 12" Cannabis plants growing very happily, as the patio doors faced south, thus acting like a greenhouse, and boy, those plants were really doing well (this was the winter of 2004).
Anyhow, two of the Northumberland police duly went over to the patio doors and stepped very politely over the Cannabis plants, as soon as they disappeared into the shed, she moved the pots into the garden and promptly pulled the plants out of the soil and threw them into the rabbit hutch.
They were relieved when the policemen did not notice, and next morning - when she was talking about it in bed, she suddenly realised, she had left all the Cannabis plants in the hutch overnight..........Yes, she raced down the stairs, rushed to the hutch and there were the two rabbits lying on their backs in a daze but still alive and healthy..........
She then telephoned me and said, that she could offer me two rabbits which were full of Cannabis leaves, would I like to cook them..
I declined the offer, but what a beautiful experience - for the rabbits, and also for them, because that was when they learned just how incompetant the police actually are...

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Cannabis Gran

Please check out my informative website in which i hope to display my findings/research on cannabis as medicine. http://www.cannabisgran.com

I also have another site in which I want to start to pre-publish my book, poems, childrens stories and recipe books.

This is currently under construction and will be viewable/rateable very soon! http://www.grandma-eats-cannabis.co.uk

Please, when its running, find a little time to leave a comment about the writings because it is my first venture - and it can be frightening. But if people want to read it - they can.

"News of the weed"

My two very clever friends at the "Cannabis Education Trust" are always working tirelessly to try and bring forward, the correct Cannabis News to the people.
As you can understand, there is healthy support and also, of course, healthy opposition, if you are brave enough to put your head on the line, and, as they used to say, "The best form of defence, is attack" - which has definately rubbed off on The Trust, for they have come up with this excellent News Service, as they try to make a difference and educate the people on what is fast becoming a hot topic in the media.
If you have any time, or would like to further your "Cannabinoid" knowledge, then click onto http://www.newsoftheweed.com

From the left, Chris, Grandma, Andy, Andy's partner. This picture will always bring back memories, as we had been invited to a private party at for I-growbox at the Hilton, Wembley.

Look for future Blog reporting on the above mentioned party......

My Friends @"The Cannabis Education Trust"

Last year, after meeting Andy and Chris (the Cannabis Education Trust), I decided it would be worth working alongside them, because their website is so up to date. http://www.cannabistrust.com

As well as standing for the LCA in Neath in the General Election, I have attended a lot of other Cannabis campaigns/rallies, mostly organised by the Trust. I also attended the second annual Hemp Fair in Wembley, organised by weedworld, http://www.weedworld.co.uk/ and this year it was really good.
Here are a couple of photo's of the Hemp Fair,
This is Andy giving a speech at the Hemp Fair, with Andy it is always "off the cuff, intellectual, in depth" (and in the goal! - 1-0 N. Solano.)
Sorry about that Andy, but as you will find out, when he was finished, he promptly handed the mike over to me -
- "Thanks Andy"......
However, if you are interested in working with the Cannabis Education Trust, "Organising marches, rallies, researching medicinal and social values, plus working on a programme of interesting Educational material fit for the teenagers who abuse Cannabis.
I am sure Andy and Chris would be pleased, visit them on the website and let them know....
would just like to thank everyone for listening to me - and of course for submitting their e-mail addresses for the big Grandma & Grandad march next year.

The biggest star for the weekend was a personal friend of the Cannabis Education Trust - yes, you have guessed it, George Bush.

He also enquired about my Chicken & Leek Pie, due to a golfing accident in Palm Springs during the Iraq War.

Your secret is safe with me Tony - oh - er - sorry George!
What a weekend! Can't wait untill next summer in Coventry for next years Hemp Expo.

From the left is Andy's daughter, my son, Mr Nice http://www.mrnice.co.uk ( and he really is), myself, Andy and Howard's friend.

You wouldn't believe the workload needed in order to get prepared for the hemp fair, plus the journey to get from Northumberland to London, it really takes its toll at my age!

However, all this taken into consideration, including the 500 sheets of "How to medicate" which went very quickly, if I have been able to help just one person, to free themselves of pain, and give them a better quality of day to day living - then it was all worth it.

See you all either at the Great Grandma & Grandad March - or at the Hemp Fair next year.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Support a Worthy Cause - THC4MS

I am proud to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Mr. Mark Gibson, of THC4MS. This is a bit of a dodgy photo, (alas my only one). Mark is giving a speech at the Hemp Fair in Wembley.

Mark, his wife Lezley and Marcus have been running THC4MS. http://www.thc4ms.org.uk

This is an organization which is run by people very passionate about the treatment of MS, as a member of the team has suffered from MS herself for 20 years and upon discovering the magical effect the Cannabis chocolate had on her illness, wanted to share it with everyone else who was suffering.
Now they are awaiting trial in the Crown Court in the North West of England in the new year, and it is what I would call immoral that these people are being put through the mill like this.
They have the full support of all long standing members of the Cannabis Community, not only in England but are well known throughout Europe and the States, everything they do comes from donations of the herb and chocolate, and in fact they should be receiving a commendation for all the long hours and electricity bills they have coped with, they have created more than 33,000 individual bars of their Cannabis chocolate over the years.
There is no justice in our Courts any more, when people who do good for others - simply get hounded by the police, but in the rural areas, the police cannot find enough to do, so they have decided to victimise the sick and disabled.
I used to be proud to be British, but no more, in fact I feel ashamed at the way this country is becoming a police state, but there is one question I would like answered
"Who is ordering our Government to use draconian Laws on the sick and disabled?"
After much research I have discovered that in fact it comes from good old America, the creators of Prohibition, and you know what that invented - Yes, Al Capone - the biggest gangster and most brutal human being known to man, until someone realised that if they lifted the prohibition and taxed Alcohol, the american government would make a fortune, which of course they eventually did, but not until an awful lot of people were murdered and beaten up.
I thought our politicians would have been more clever than that, but someone knows the truth, and these days it seems to be a case of follow your leader, and our government haven't got the intelligence to realise that the Americans usually get it wrong.
They made a mess of prohibition of Alcohol, the war in Vietnam, the first war in Iraq, plus the second war in Iraq, and they are not very good at clearing their mess up after them.
I hope you will all rally to the support of THC4MS - because I am personally very proud to be able to say I have the utmost respect for all the hard work they have put into THC4MS - knowing that all the MS sufferers have received their medication free of charge.

I am Mobile again.

The above, is my famous or infamous (if your a policeman) campaign car, because I am a fully paid up member of the LCA (Legalise Cannabis Alliance).http://www.lca-uk.org

I have been off the road for a while, because "Bess" (HER NAME) was not very well, because her head gasket blew! It has been a struggle financially and meant I had to travel all the way to London on a bus, but we made it - and now all is well, and I can now get back on the road, giving the thumbs up to all the friends I have out there who constantly honk their horns when they are passing me - and invariably take photographs on their Mobile Phones.

Look out in future posts for the hilarious story involving a car, (given to me by a lovely young man from Weynouth)the police again, an incompetant insurance broker, a dark corner that I felt I had been pushed into, and some clever investigative work by myself and my son, saved the day

I have a question!

Why can't we have a huge national Cannabis debate with Politicians, Doctors, Nurses and the elderly and disabled medical users?

It would save the NHS millions of pounds if we could medicate with it - but - and this is the question, is it the Huge American Pharmaceutical Companies who are pulling the strings, because they are afraid of losing money?

There was an article in the Daily Mail on 22.11.2005 subject MS medication and this was what I learned :-

1)Beta Interferon Cost £200 per week per patient out of NHS funding
2)Sativex Cost £100 per week per patient out of NHS funding
3)Cannabis Chocolate Cost £7.50 per patient - free to patient from THC4MS
4)Pure Cannabis in food Cost £7.00 per patient - paid for by the patient.

(when it states "out of NHS funding" - it really means "the Taxpayers - you and I")

Tell me - which one of those medications is the most beneficial to the patient and the Taxpayers.....

Is it not time, that a public debate took place, after all, both TONY BLAIR and GORDON BROWN have stated this year, they will listen to the "people" - but WHEN?

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Big Bust

Exactly one week after my trip to London to join two friends, Andy and Chris on their protest at the U.S.A. and the Canadian embassies, I was cooking myself a meal, when at 11.40am there was a knock on the door. Because I was expecting friends within that five minute period, I was shocked to see part of the same group who were present on the first raid on my house, in May 2004.

I immediately went into mourning for my four plants which had been growing in my wardrobe for the last 10 weeks (although I already knew they had been covered in Pollen from a male plant) and therefore within 24 hours I would have had to perform a cremation with them. (plus, I had taken three small 2" cuttings from them), which I felt were also doomed.

So I invited the officers in and the next chapter of my book began.

I was arrested on suspicion of production of Cannabis and bailed to appear at the police station on the 22nd September at 11.am.

The highlight of that "bust" was that my son phoned to tell me he would be home in an hour to take me out - whereupon I had to inform him I had 3 police officers (not in uniform) who were just about to leave. He asked to speak to the Sgt., and after a few minutes they left.

During August & September I was being filmed by the BBC and so I immediately phoned them to say I had just been "busted again".

Within 20 minutes a two woman crew arrived. ..more of this later..

I Love G4

I have always loved chocolate, jazz, and in the last 18 months I have learned to include medicinal Cannabis and G4. Yes! as far as I am concerned they are the best singing group I have ever listened to. They are as powerful as ABBA but the quality of their music is such, that I listen to them whenever I am driving around the country.

So when you see me on the motorway in my 'Cannabis Car' - you will notice I will have the earphones in, and it is 'G4' I am enjoying - - - In fact I will invite them to my 70th Birthday Party, and if they come, it will be the best birthday present ever...

The Tony Bush & George Blair 'Love Affair'

Hi There,

Here is something to make you smile. Believe me, it is performed by two of the oldest biggest crackpots in the world - they are not part of 'G4' - they belong to the G 8.

Don't be put off by the fact that it is a little film - it only takes minutes to download.

Friday, September 09, 2005

George Bush Bullies Canada Now. Who is Next?

George Bush is demanding that Canada extridite Marc Emery and two associates to America for trial. His crime is that American citizens discovered on the internet that Marc sold cannabis seeds. Thousands of Americans ordered them, so George Bush has decided that this is the crime of 2005, and he wants these three Canadians to be tried in court in America, simply for honouring the requests of American citizens.

If you know me you will realise this made me really mad and so I decided to travel to London and join the Cannabis Trust in a protest outside the Canadian Embassy which gives us the opportunity to show solidarity with the Canadians in the hope that they will not give in to the demands of George Bush.

We have seen the infamous George Bush threaten Afganistan, Iraq, Korea, Syria, and now its Canada - who does this man think he is? "Could it be that he thinks he is God Almighty" - or is it more likly that he is being a good son and wants to make himself and his father the richest and most powerful people on earth?

Personally if I could find one hundred psychiatrists through this web page I would implore you all to have George Bush certified.