Friday, September 09, 2005

George Bush Bullies Canada Now. Who is Next?

George Bush is demanding that Canada extridite Marc Emery and two associates to America for trial. His crime is that American citizens discovered on the internet that Marc sold cannabis seeds. Thousands of Americans ordered them, so George Bush has decided that this is the crime of 2005, and he wants these three Canadians to be tried in court in America, simply for honouring the requests of American citizens.

If you know me you will realise this made me really mad and so I decided to travel to London and join the Cannabis Trust in a protest outside the Canadian Embassy which gives us the opportunity to show solidarity with the Canadians in the hope that they will not give in to the demands of George Bush.

We have seen the infamous George Bush threaten Afganistan, Iraq, Korea, Syria, and now its Canada - who does this man think he is? "Could it be that he thinks he is God Almighty" - or is it more likly that he is being a good son and wants to make himself and his father the richest and most powerful people on earth?

Personally if I could find one hundred psychiatrists through this web page I would implore you all to have George Bush certified.