Sunday, February 26, 2006

The "Police" State in Hexham is alive & kicking.

Thanks to Tony Blair and his "Police State" we can now all go out and get drunk 24 hours a day - probably because M.P's and Policemen love their Alcohol, and I would like to remind everyone that Alcohol "Kills" more people per year, through Drunken driving and Liver disease, than any drug, even, Cocaine and Heroin, and they both kill thousands, and are the cause of breaking up families. You know, I am really glad I personally do not like alcohol, albeit because I had a father who was an alcoholic.
Now to the "Police State" - it is sad, that Mr Blair will only be remembered for the last 7 years of his reign, and all the harm he has caused. Even encouaging gambling in this country to the extent it has risen Beggers belief
I remember when he came into power and stated that M.P's would not be getting a rise in Salary that year, but he soon put them on the highest salaries imaginable, and with more holidays than ever before, plus of course he changed the Law as well.
Last week a man received 12 weeks in prison for killing a little girl of three, and in 2004, during the month I was raided by the police and informed by them that I could get 14 years in prison for what they imagined I was doing with Cannabis, a young man in his thirties, up here in the North, knocked down an old man of 82 and left him dying in the road, then he drove his car further along the road and crashed it into a tree. Well he received 5 months in prison for killing the man - (he was a grandfather and father, with a large range of friends and family who were shocked and grieving, even to this day) Then, for crashing into the tree, he received 13 months.....No-one of course is grieving for the tree - are they.....And this is democracy...What a lie........
I dare not suggest that Mr Blair is "Thick" - but he is definately insensitive if he thinks the public admire him for allowing a tree to be more important than the life of an elderly gentleman.........There is no way on God's earth he should be leading this country if he cannot get his priorities right. But think of that poor little 3 year old girl who was only worth a 3 months in prison.....She had her whole life ahead of her.
But, back to the new issue.
Last October, I was stopped by a policeman and given a producer. He informed me that I had no insurance on my car, but I told him, that after I was given the car in Weymouth, I had telephoned my insurance man, and so imagine my surprise when over 4 months later I receive a collection of documents to state that I must appear at the magistrates court regarding the producer.


Blogger jilola said...

Well, those sentences just go to prove there's no common sense left in the government. That sort of discrepancy sshould be a punishable offence in itself.

1:11 PM  
Blogger Carlos said...

Sorry to hear of your troubles, the UK and US are becoming more police states lately. Blair and Bush did a hit and run - taking with them the money.
Fighting the police state here, the hemp movement is taking a petition to So there is a petition to stop this going to the White House, with support from the likes of Cynthia McKinney it is up at - your vote will not be suppressed and you can leave a comment!
For more info on hemp check out

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