Tuesday, December 20, 2005

How to cope with the Bill !!!!!

The "Infamous" Hexham Police Station

A few weeks ago I was on the telephone looking out of my lounge window, when I noticed a fat, black haired man taking photographs of the front and backs of all the cars in the cul-de-sac. Well, his shape and attitude was that of a typical member of staff of Northumbria Police Force. 2 days later at 9.am I was followed by a police car, which was hiding around the corner at the top of the street.
I immediately found a piece of paper to write down his number as he approached the car, as he was writing a producer to give me - telling me my car was not insured. The following letter is the result of what and how it all happened, and just bear one thing in mind.
The Police make more mistakes accidently and deliberatly, than any other area of the workplace, there is always a solution........This was mine........

From the Desk of:-

Mrs. Patricia Tabram
15, East Lea, Humshaugh. Northumberland N.E.46 4BU
Telephone: - 01434 681 803

To Whom It May Concern:

This is a personal statement with reference to producer Number 726164.

I have already produced a valid MOT certificate, but in this instance I will not be able to produce an insurance document, owing to negligence on behalf of my Insurance Broker.

Following a Bus Journey from Newcastle to London, for a three day stay, then another Bus Journey from London to Weymouth in Dorset for 4 days, I was given a car on Sunday 2nd October, because I had to go to Norwich for 3 days, then back home. I telephoned my Insurance Broker the following morning, explained the situation and asked if I could be insured on this car. All details of the car were passed via the telephone, to him directly from the MOT certificate.

I was subsequently stopped on the 21st October 2005 at 9.15am, when the policeman who stopped me, PC Conway No.793, informed me that I had no Insurance.

Upon this I then contacted the Insurancecompany, to ask if I could arrange a time to come down and collect my Insurance Certificates and head to the Police Station. It wasn’t until I was informed by the female assistant at the window in the police station that the document did not cover me, that I became aware that I did not have any valid insurance.

I then returned back to the Insurance Company in search of the aforementioned certificate, when I was then informed that I was not insured and that I had only been insured for a short period on an emergency insurance, but there was still no certificate to prove that.

I was informed that it may well have been a misunderstanding (not very good for me, when I already have one charge pending)

Subsequently my son Colin has also been down to Colin Hoe Insurance in search of this phantom document, and again, no joy, and it seems to be all down to a possible misunderstanding.

The problem is, what could be taken as a mistake or a misunderstanding, is actually going to land me right in it. I have one question to ask at this point. I already have two cars and they both have valid insurance certificates, so what would I have benefited from not wanting to insure myself for this third car.

I can honestly say that even when PC Conway informed me I had no insurance, I was confident that he was wrong, because I remembered ringing up the Insurance company, prior to leaving Weymouth.

The car in question has subsequently been sold, and I can assure you that I am fully insured on my other two cars.

My son was informed at the police station on the 27th October that failure to produce the document could prompt an investigation from PC Conway or A.N.Other. I would ask, at this time, that there could be an investigation, as my efforts have been exhausted in attempting to see that justice is done.

Yours truly,

Patricia Tabram.

I then was advised by a Solicitor to have a telephone conversation with the Insurance man, which was to be recorded from my home, on a loudspeaker telephone, which happened to be a mobile.

Ps. I have noticed a couple of mistakes which were handwritten on the producer by PC Conway.

Hulshaucnt, Hexhal. -Instead of Humshaugh Hexham.
If this address was needed for correspondence by post, then it would probably never get to me – due to two police errors, making the producer Invalid.

Manual/Automatic. –This tick box has been marked “Yes” for manual, and it is in fact an Automatic. – this in my opinion, now means that the producer does not apply to my car rendering it invalid due to another police error.

I also have in my possession a tape recording of a conversation that took place at 16.00 hours today, the 27th October 2005, between myself and the Insurance man, during which he states

1. Although my name was spoken quite clearly by the other Insurance Broker, it was obvious that upon hearing it – my Insurance man misunderstood what was said, and made a mistake.
2. His next referral was “unless I have completely misunderstood you”.
3. The following statement was “It’s been the Translation Pat, because I thought…
4. At no point did he tell me I could “only drive it, if it belonged to someone else”
5. I didn’t ask for “Comprehensive Insurance on the Fiat, I simply asked for the car I had just been given, to be insured.

The tape stops after 9 minutes and 22 seconds.


Blogger Kansasgal2 said...

I was so excited to find this blog, I thought WOW someone with BALLS! I was ready to jump on your band wagon, only to become immediatly depressed to see it has not been posted on since Dec. 2005!
I hope Gram isnt sitting in some jail house? WHERE ARE YOU?

check out http://kansasgalshead.blogspot.com/

7:19 PM  
Blogger icecool said...

keep up the goodwork granny

love n hugs from the ukc crew



12:55 AM  
Blogger Anne said...

Hi Pat

You're my biggest hero and I'd give my right leg (not that it's worth any...) to have a chat with you. I'm in a similar position as you and would love to help you fighting your battle against the heinous injustice done to cannabis users.

Love from Anne

12:01 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

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