Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Our Inefficient Police Force - "Again" -

Yes, I have suffered at the hands of the police, and do have some funny stories about the classic mistakes they make, as well as their illegal practices, but for the moment I will concentrate on their mistakes.
A friend who lives in another village to myself, in Northumberland, was visited one day by the police saying they wanted to search the gardens and sheds on this estate, so she duly let them in.
Of course, what she forgot was that on the wooden step on the inside of her patio doors, she had approximately 6 large pots with 6 x 12" Cannabis plants growing very happily, as the patio doors faced south, thus acting like a greenhouse, and boy, those plants were really doing well (this was the winter of 2004).
Anyhow, two of the Northumberland police duly went over to the patio doors and stepped very politely over the Cannabis plants, as soon as they disappeared into the shed, she moved the pots into the garden and promptly pulled the plants out of the soil and threw them into the rabbit hutch.
They were relieved when the policemen did not notice, and next morning - when she was talking about it in bed, she suddenly realised, she had left all the Cannabis plants in the hutch overnight..........Yes, she raced down the stairs, rushed to the hutch and there were the two rabbits lying on their backs in a daze but still alive and healthy..........
She then telephoned me and said, that she could offer me two rabbits which were full of Cannabis leaves, would I like to cook them..
I declined the offer, but what a beautiful experience - for the rabbits, and also for them, because that was when they learned just how incompetant the police actually are...


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Very funny story! Working on making cannabis sativa legal - in the UK and US, if anyone wants to sign, there is a petition to the White House, with support from the likes of Cynthia McKinney, up at www.minawear.com/about-us/ - your vote will not be suppressed and you can leave a comment!
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