Thursday, December 15, 2005

Support a Worthy Cause - THC4MS

I am proud to introduce you to a very good friend of mine, Mr. Mark Gibson, of THC4MS. This is a bit of a dodgy photo, (alas my only one). Mark is giving a speech at the Hemp Fair in Wembley.

Mark, his wife Lezley and Marcus have been running THC4MS.

This is an organization which is run by people very passionate about the treatment of MS, as a member of the team has suffered from MS herself for 20 years and upon discovering the magical effect the Cannabis chocolate had on her illness, wanted to share it with everyone else who was suffering.
Now they are awaiting trial in the Crown Court in the North West of England in the new year, and it is what I would call immoral that these people are being put through the mill like this.
They have the full support of all long standing members of the Cannabis Community, not only in England but are well known throughout Europe and the States, everything they do comes from donations of the herb and chocolate, and in fact they should be receiving a commendation for all the long hours and electricity bills they have coped with, they have created more than 33,000 individual bars of their Cannabis chocolate over the years.
There is no justice in our Courts any more, when people who do good for others - simply get hounded by the police, but in the rural areas, the police cannot find enough to do, so they have decided to victimise the sick and disabled.
I used to be proud to be British, but no more, in fact I feel ashamed at the way this country is becoming a police state, but there is one question I would like answered
"Who is ordering our Government to use draconian Laws on the sick and disabled?"
After much research I have discovered that in fact it comes from good old America, the creators of Prohibition, and you know what that invented - Yes, Al Capone - the biggest gangster and most brutal human being known to man, until someone realised that if they lifted the prohibition and taxed Alcohol, the american government would make a fortune, which of course they eventually did, but not until an awful lot of people were murdered and beaten up.
I thought our politicians would have been more clever than that, but someone knows the truth, and these days it seems to be a case of follow your leader, and our government haven't got the intelligence to realise that the Americans usually get it wrong.
They made a mess of prohibition of Alcohol, the war in Vietnam, the first war in Iraq, plus the second war in Iraq, and they are not very good at clearing their mess up after them.
I hope you will all rally to the support of THC4MS - because I am personally very proud to be able to say I have the utmost respect for all the hard work they have put into THC4MS - knowing that all the MS sufferers have received their medication free of charge.


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