Sunday, December 18, 2005

"News of the weed"

My two very clever friends at the "Cannabis Education Trust" are always working tirelessly to try and bring forward, the correct Cannabis News to the people.
As you can understand, there is healthy support and also, of course, healthy opposition, if you are brave enough to put your head on the line, and, as they used to say, "The best form of defence, is attack" - which has definately rubbed off on The Trust, for they have come up with this excellent News Service, as they try to make a difference and educate the people on what is fast becoming a hot topic in the media.
If you have any time, or would like to further your "Cannabinoid" knowledge, then click onto

From the left, Chris, Grandma, Andy, Andy's partner. This picture will always bring back memories, as we had been invited to a private party at for I-growbox at the Hilton, Wembley.

Look for future Blog reporting on the above mentioned party......


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi Grandma, Hi Andy, Hi Chris -
it's me Kenyon, as you know, I am back in the US - and still working for hemp - my sister put up a petition to the White House on her site - anyone can sign even if you're not US.
Got lots of support, Green Party candidate Cynthia McKinney signed -and we have some top pols in the US supporting it too!

4:02 PM  
Blogger kid4twenty said...

Weed Seeds Australia

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