Sunday, December 18, 2005

My Friends @"The Cannabis Education Trust"

Last year, after meeting Andy and Chris (the Cannabis Education Trust), I decided it would be worth working alongside them, because their website is so up to date.

As well as standing for the LCA in Neath in the General Election, I have attended a lot of other Cannabis campaigns/rallies, mostly organised by the Trust. I also attended the second annual Hemp Fair in Wembley, organised by weedworld, and this year it was really good.
Here are a couple of photo's of the Hemp Fair,
This is Andy giving a speech at the Hemp Fair, with Andy it is always "off the cuff, intellectual, in depth" (and in the goal! - 1-0 N. Solano.)
Sorry about that Andy, but as you will find out, when he was finished, he promptly handed the mike over to me -
- "Thanks Andy"......
However, if you are interested in working with the Cannabis Education Trust, "Organising marches, rallies, researching medicinal and social values, plus working on a programme of interesting Educational material fit for the teenagers who abuse Cannabis.
I am sure Andy and Chris would be pleased, visit them on the website and let them know....
would just like to thank everyone for listening to me - and of course for submitting their e-mail addresses for the big Grandma & Grandad march next year.

The biggest star for the weekend was a personal friend of the Cannabis Education Trust - yes, you have guessed it, George Bush.

He also enquired about my Chicken & Leek Pie, due to a golfing accident in Palm Springs during the Iraq War.

Your secret is safe with me Tony - oh - er - sorry George!
What a weekend! Can't wait untill next summer in Coventry for next years Hemp Expo.

From the left is Andy's daughter, my son, Mr Nice ( and he really is), myself, Andy and Howard's friend.

You wouldn't believe the workload needed in order to get prepared for the hemp fair, plus the journey to get from Northumberland to London, it really takes its toll at my age!

However, all this taken into consideration, including the 500 sheets of "How to medicate" which went very quickly, if I have been able to help just one person, to free themselves of pain, and give them a better quality of day to day living - then it was all worth it.

See you all either at the Great Grandma & Grandad March - or at the Hemp Fair next year.


Blogger Carlos said...

Hi Andy! Hi Chris!
Good to see you are both on the case in the UK, so are we in the US, and there is a petition to the White House, with support from the likes of Cynthia McKinney, up at
For more info on hemp check out

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