Thursday, December 15, 2005

I have a question!

Why can't we have a huge national Cannabis debate with Politicians, Doctors, Nurses and the elderly and disabled medical users?

It would save the NHS millions of pounds if we could medicate with it - but - and this is the question, is it the Huge American Pharmaceutical Companies who are pulling the strings, because they are afraid of losing money?

There was an article in the Daily Mail on 22.11.2005 subject MS medication and this was what I learned :-

1)Beta Interferon Cost £200 per week per patient out of NHS funding
2)Sativex Cost £100 per week per patient out of NHS funding
3)Cannabis Chocolate Cost £7.50 per patient - free to patient from THC4MS
4)Pure Cannabis in food Cost £7.00 per patient - paid for by the patient.

(when it states "out of NHS funding" - it really means "the Taxpayers - you and I")

Tell me - which one of those medications is the most beneficial to the patient and the Taxpayers.....

Is it not time, that a public debate took place, after all, both TONY BLAIR and GORDON BROWN have stated this year, they will listen to the "people" - but WHEN?


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