Thursday, December 15, 2005

I am Mobile again.

The above, is my famous or infamous (if your a policeman) campaign car, because I am a fully paid up member of the LCA (Legalise Cannabis Alliance).

I have been off the road for a while, because "Bess" (HER NAME) was not very well, because her head gasket blew! It has been a struggle financially and meant I had to travel all the way to London on a bus, but we made it - and now all is well, and I can now get back on the road, giving the thumbs up to all the friends I have out there who constantly honk their horns when they are passing me - and invariably take photographs on their Mobile Phones.

Look out in future posts for the hilarious story involving a car, (given to me by a lovely young man from Weynouth)the police again, an incompetant insurance broker, a dark corner that I felt I had been pushed into, and some clever investigative work by myself and my son, saved the day


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