Sunday, October 02, 2005

The Big Bust

Exactly one week after my trip to London to join two friends, Andy and Chris on their protest at the U.S.A. and the Canadian embassies, I was cooking myself a meal, when at 11.40am there was a knock on the door. Because I was expecting friends within that five minute period, I was shocked to see part of the same group who were present on the first raid on my house, in May 2004.

I immediately went into mourning for my four plants which had been growing in my wardrobe for the last 10 weeks (although I already knew they had been covered in Pollen from a male plant) and therefore within 24 hours I would have had to perform a cremation with them. (plus, I had taken three small 2" cuttings from them), which I felt were also doomed.

So I invited the officers in and the next chapter of my book began.

I was arrested on suspicion of production of Cannabis and bailed to appear at the police station on the 22nd September at

The highlight of that "bust" was that my son phoned to tell me he would be home in an hour to take me out - whereupon I had to inform him I had 3 police officers (not in uniform) who were just about to leave. He asked to speak to the Sgt., and after a few minutes they left.

During August & September I was being filmed by the BBC and so I immediately phoned them to say I had just been "busted again".

Within 20 minutes a two woman crew arrived. ..more of this later..


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